Microsoft abandons the graphical update of Minecraft

A highly anticipated video update of Minecraft was canceled by Microsoft because it was “too technically demanding,” the company said on Monday.

Announced at E3 2017, the graphics update dubbed Super Duper Graphics Pack was to bring the popular video game up to date. Microsoft’s plans include adding better lighting effects, including fog and more realistic shadows, as well as revisiting character textures and improving the movement of certain elements of the game, such as water and foliage. The ability to display the game in 4K resolution was also planned.

The new look of the game was originally expected to be available free of charge in the fall of 2017, but this deadline was eventually postponed indefinitely.

The update “was too technically binding to implement the way we planned,” said Microsoft in a post on his blog.

“We realize it’s disappointing for some of you […], but unfortunately we’re not happy with the performance of the update on a variety of devices,” the company continues.

Designers say they are working on “other ways to experience Minecraft with a new look.”

Microsoft celebrated this year the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, one of the industry’s most popular video game series since its launch. Swedish independent designer Markus Persson sold it to the Redmond giant in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion.

With information from CNet , Engadget and Ars Technica

Esports Players Could Soon Join A Union

A recent contractual disagreement between Turner “TFue” Tenney, one of Fortnite’s most prominent professional players, and his Clan team FaZe, is currently reviving the debate on the unionization of electronic sports athletes.

TFue’s contract, signed in April 2018, stipulates that he must share a large part of his income with his team. For example, for a presence in a public event, he must give 50% of his salary to FaZe Clan. In the event that his team signs an advertising contract on his behalf, the player retains only 20% of the profits.

After terminating his contract, TFue stated that this agreement was abusive and that he should never have signed it. He decided to sue FaZe Clan for unduly limiting his business opportunities.

In response to the lawsuit, FaZe Clan indicated (New Window) that she had repeatedly tried to renegotiate the contract. According to the team, the current agreement, signed under the guidance of former owners of FaZe Clan, contains exaggerated provisions that it would never have applied to the letter. The team says it has only retained $ 60,000 from TFue’s multi-million dollar revenue.

Rebalancing the negotiations

This case has rekindled a wider debate in the professional electronic sports industry about the unionization of players. Uniting players to offer working conditions, salaries, benefits and official representatives during negotiations is an idea that has been floating in the air for many years in different leagues.

The North American League of Legends League (LCS) was the first to advance in this field in 2017, although the initiative did not come from the players, but from the league itself. Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends and the LCS, has set up an association of players whose company provides the funding itself.

This peculiarity prevents him from being legally considered a union and has also attracted a lot of criticism. Observers have doubts about his ability to be independent of Riot Games and to represent the interests of the players.

The first players union

In the summer of 2018, Counter-Strike became the first syndicated electronic sport among professionals, with the creation of the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA). The international organization represents since the interests of the players during contract negotiations and offers them legal advice.

Moreover, according to the Sports Business Daily website in March 2018, the former Dutch Overwatch professional Thomas “Dead” Kerbusch was looking for a trade union last year with the help of American lawyer specializing in sports law Ellen Zavian.

The duo then claimed to have been advised by other well-established professional players’ associations, and hoped to be able to showcase the fruits of their work in the months that followed. No progress has since been reported.

Towards a union for Fortnit?

Without directly taking a stand in favor of a union, Turner “TFue” Tenney has meant his exasperation at the limited resources available to new professional players.

“What I’m trying to do right now is to do justice to the e-sports community,” Tenney said in a video posted on his YouTube channel. These young people are ripped off. They are exploited. These contracts are not correct and [this situation] must never happen again. ”

A view shared by the electronic sports lawyer Andrew Gordon, interviewed by Bloomberg. “These organizations are strongly advised and they come with 30-page agreements containing all kinds of terms,” ​​he said. Often, on the other side, you have a teenager or a young ventiment who has probably never read a contract before. The player is really at a disadvantage.”

With information from Bloomberg , ESPN and Sports Business Daily

Russian World Cup Committee Denied About the Hosting of 2018’s Event Fix-up

Russian World Cup, Event, Hosting

Regarding the FIFA world cup 2018, the Russian organization committee was alleged for fixing but now the committee has denied about alleged fix-ups of the world cup. According to the report of Xinhua, the Russian world cup organization committee has denied from the allegation of winning the bid of hosting the 2018 FIFA world cup. The committee has definitely campaigned for the right of hosting the world cup according to the rules and regulations of the FIFA code.

Committee’s spokesperson stated that the bid by Russia was transparent, open and totally clear to all with the best global management experience. Also it was supported by the Government of the country well. With the highly competitive concept of the world cup, the committee is convinced that this will surely help their country to enjoy the right of hosting the grand sports event. They have stated clearly that they have won the right of hosting as they deserve it; there is no fix-up.

Actually, the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter stated earlier that the Russian world cup organization committee has been favored for winning the championsip’s hosting. Under a secret agreement with the senior officials, the committee has earned this opportunity.  On the other hand, the Russian committee has denied about any prior agreement.

3 days ago when Sepp alleged the Russian committee about fixing up the hosting of upcoming grand event, the awarding of the hosting came under controversies. Sepp claimed the decision about the venue of staging the tournament without any voting.

In this all, the chairman of the Football Association, Greg Dyke stated that this bidding process seemed to be fixed earlier and ‘it would be very nice to get taxpayer’s money back’.

In a matter of suspicious payment receiving, Sepp has been suspended for 3 months from the FIFA’s ethics committee.