Russian World Cup Committee Denied About the Hosting of 2018’s Event Fix-up

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Regarding the FIFA world cup 2018, the Russian organization committee was alleged for fixing but now the committee has denied about alleged fix-ups of the world cup. According to the report of Xinhua, the Russian world cup organization committee has denied from the allegation of winning the bid of hosting the 2018 FIFA world cup. The committee has definitely campaigned for the right of hosting the world cup according to the rules and regulations of the FIFA code.

Committee’s spokesperson stated that the bid by Russia was transparent, open and totally clear to all with the best global management experience. Also it was supported by the Government of the country well. With the highly competitive concept of the world cup, the committee is convinced that this will surely help their country to enjoy the right of hosting the grand sports event. They have stated clearly that they have won the right of hosting as they deserve it; there is no fix-up.

Actually, the president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter stated earlier that the Russian world cup organization committee has been favored for winning the championsip’s hosting. Under a secret agreement with the senior officials, the committee has earned this opportunity.  On the other hand, the Russian committee has denied about any prior agreement.

3 days ago when Sepp alleged the Russian committee about fixing up the hosting of upcoming grand event, the awarding of the hosting came under controversies. Sepp claimed the decision about the venue of staging the tournament without any voting.

In this all, the chairman of the Football Association, Greg Dyke stated that this bidding process seemed to be fixed earlier and ‘it would be very nice to get taxpayer’s money back’.

In a matter of suspicious payment receiving, Sepp has been suspended for 3 months from the FIFA’s ethics committee.

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