Pokémon Sword and Shield to be Released November 15th on Nintendo Switch

At the last Nintendo Direct broadcast yesterday, the official release date of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield on Nintendo Switch has finally been revealed. It will be November 15 everywhere in the world.

For 15 minutes, Nintendo provided details on the game, evoking the new Dynamax phenomenon, the 4-player Raids and the legendary wolves Zacian, who holds a sword in mouth and Zamazenta who has a beard-shield. Zacian will be exclusive to Pokémon Sword while Zamazenta will probably only be available in Pokémon Shield.

James Turner, Artistic Director at Game Freak, also introduced some new species of Pokémon: Moumouton, Tournicoton that can evolve into Blancoton, Torgamor and Corvaillus.

Producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori spoke about “Galar region cities where humans and Pokémons are working together” and revealed details about Wilderness, an open-air version of roads connecting cities to games precedents. In these Wildlands, it will be possible to control the camera to see what is happening around you. Meetings with Pokémon will depend on the weather and location.

Dynamax Power and New 4-Player Raids

Nintendo also mentioned the new Dynamax phenomenon, a temporary power usable once per combat and no more than three rounds, which increases the size and powers of the Pokémon. In addition, players can group together in teams of four (locally or via the Internet) to conduct Raids in the Wildlands where they will face a giant Pokémon.

Like all previous generations, the Sword and Shield versions will probably be very similar but will have slight differences in the scenario. There will be a different selection of Pokémon to be able to exchange with his friends. Fans will be able to buy both versions in a double pack, with a guestbook apparently exclusive to Europe.

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